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Les règles de priorités en surf et bodyboard

The surf/bodyboard priority rules

Even if surfing is a free sport, there are some rules on who has priority in the water to avoid accidents and respect each surfer's wave.
It goes without saying that the most important rule is to behave in a way that is respectful and courteous.

La formation des vagues en surf

Waves have a real impact on a wide range of water sports. This natural phenomenon must therefore be factored in and fully understood if you want to be able to surf, paddle, dive or sail as well as possible.

Que faire de ses clefs de voiture en surf ?

You’ve got changed, you’re ready to start surfing but you realise you’ve got a problem. What should you do with your car keys? There are different solutions varying in terms of how effective they are.
The more wary surfers won’t use the same methods as the more confident and, in general, they’ll have a fairly large number of strategies in proportion to the extent to which they are cautious.
The techniques used will also depend on the type of key you have.