• 500 adult's snorkel - blue
  • 500 adult's snorkel - blue
  • 500 adult's snorkel - blue
  • 500 adult's snorkel - blue
  • 500 adult's snorkel - blue
  • 500 adult's snorkel - blue
  • 500 adult's snorkel - blue
  • 500 adult's snorkel - blue
  • 500 adult's snorkel - blue
  • 500 adult's snorkel - blue

500 adult's snorkel - blue

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The 500 snorkel's valve makes it easier to expel water.
399.00 INR*

User benefits

Water drainage
Any water in the snorkel is easily expelled through the valve at the bottom.
Wave guard at the top to prevent water from being splashed into the snorkel.
Mouth comfort
Orthodontic silicone mouthpiece for maximum comfort.
Orange snorkel top for heightened visibility on the surface.
Anatomic design
Ergonomic snorkel and snorkel clip shape to fit closer to the face.
Easy breathing
Tube diameter especially designed for adults.

Technical card

With valve
Upper Part - Main Fabric : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP) Lower Part - Main Fabric : 70.0% Polycarbonate (PC), 30.0% Silicone
made for
adult snorkellers for moderate-intensity snorkelling.
2 years
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Conseils d'entretien
Rinse with fresh water after use.
Storage Tips
Store in a dry place away from light.
Restrictions on use
Children under 1.5 metres. Not suitable for intensive swimming.


0% PVC
This product contains no PVC.
Part of the snorkel that is placed in the mouth. Its specially designed shape makes it one of the most comfortable snorkels for your mouth.
Snorkel tube
The size and volume of the snorkel are adapted to adult breathing.
Wave guard
The tube at the top of the snorkel is curved to prevent water from entering the snorkel. In this way, it limits water entry through the top of the snorkel.
How to use the valve
Simply blow out gently to empty the snorkel through the valve. After breathing out, be careful when you breathe back in; inhale slowly as some residual water can remain in the snorkel. If in doubt, do not panic; raise your head out of the water and the snorkel will empty itself instantly through the valve. High-speed intensive swimming is not recommended as it can move the valve and cause water to enter.
Water can enter the snorkel during your snorkelling sessions (surface splashes, immersion). The valve located at the bottom of the snorkel makes it easier to expel water. Most of the water is drained from the bottom, which means the user does not have to blow out so hard (unlike a conventional snorkel where the water is drained from the top).
Silicone is an extremely flexible and hypoallergenic material. The silicone mouthpiece provides increased mouth comfort.
Valve maintenance
Sometimes sand or salt gets stuck between the valve and the hard part of the snorkel, this prevents the valve from lying flat and ensuring a watertight seal. In this case, simply rinse the snorkel thoroughly with clean water and check that the valve lays flat.
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  • Great product and excellent value
    7 Jul 2015
    Well made, better than expensive models Nothing

    This is well put together comfortable and effective, brilliant value.